Reading Of The Will

Reading Of The Will

There is no legal requirement to have a formal reading of the Will and it is mainly used by writers in films and books to create dramatic effect.

Obviously, the Will does at some point need to be read by someone and clearly understood but not in the way that Hollywood or fiction writers suggest.

So, if there is no such thing as a “reading of the will” in the way that is portrayed in the media then what does happen?

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Reading Of The Will

Find The Will

Well, the first thing is to do is find the Will, if there is one.  It may be among the deceased’s files or stored with the deceased’s solicitor.  If there are difficulties in finding a Will then a search can be made with an organisation called Certainty Will Search.

Read The Will

Once the will is found then the will ideally needs to be read by the executor. This does not need to be in front of a solicitor and can be read in much the same way as any other legal document, in any private location.

Understanding the Will

Wills are not the easiest documents to understand and if there is any doubt as to the meaning of a Will then legal advice should be obtained.

Taking Control

The Will should appoint executors.  These are the people who have responsibility for dealing with the administration of an estate and collecting in the assets, paying the debts and distributing the balance in accordance with the terms of the Will.

Complying with the Will

It is, of course, essential that the instructions contained in the Will are strictly followed.


Sometimes people leave legacies such as gifts of money or items to certain beneficiaries.


This is a common phrase in Wills and refers to what’s left to distribute to the remaining beneficiaries after all the debts, legacies and other payments have been made.


Sometimes the contents of a Will might be disputed by certain people.  If that happens then legal advice should be sought immediately.

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