Certainty Will Search

Certainty Will Search

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When a loved one dies it can be a difficult, emotional and stressful time.

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Why Conduct A Certainty Will Search?

Certainty Will SearchIt is an unfortunate reality that when a loved one passes on you may find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • not being able to find their Will
  • unsure if they actually wrote a Will
  • uncertain that you have the most up-to-date Will

We can assist you through a Certainty Will Search. As part of our Probate process, we sometimes conduct a Certainty Will Search with Certainty the National Will Register. Certainty is a national Will Register endorsed by the Law Society and is used by solicitors across the country on a daily basis to search for Wills.

This is a quick process that accesses millions of Will records. Not only does it search for Wills that are registered but it also searches nationally for Wills that have not yet been registered.

The National Will Register and its Will search service are designed to help protect executors, administrators and beneficiaries against the risks associated with the distribution of an estate on an assumed intestacy basis, or using a Will that may have been superseded by a later unknown version.

One in every ten Certainty Will searches results in a Will being found where one was thought never to have been written or the Will being used to distribute the estate had been superseded by the newer found Will.

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We at Seatons are legal specialists and offer a fast & friendly legal service with low, sensible fees that provide exceptional value for money. Although we are based in Northamptonshire and have offices in Corby & Kettering, distance is not a problem.

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