What Would You Have Done In The Great War

Could YOU Have Faced The Challenges Of The Great War?

To mark the centenary of the armistice of World War I in 1918, friend of Seatons, Ian Wright has compiled a rather unique simulation in a retro style text adventure game format that runs from a spreadsheet in Excel. This informative yet fun experience offers a glimpse into the difficult and challenging events that millions of brave people faced and of which many paid the ultimate price for their king and country.

Could YOU have faced the challenges of the Great War?

This free spreadsheet-based simulation gives you the opportunity to walk in their shoes and face their decisions. If you think these men made bad judgments then you can see if you can do better. If you are gung-ho and want to get at the enemy you can also see how you get on. The options range from enthusiastic volunteer to conscientious objector with many possibilities in between.

You can try these numerous times but please remember that in real life you would only have had one chance and the decisions that were made were often a matter of life or death.

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William Hutton - Circa 1920

This is a photograph of my Grandfather taken on his wedding day. The face that stares out at you is not of a young innocent about to face the horrors of war but of a young man who joined up at 17, and was wounded twice before being severely wounded and taken prisoner in the last German offensive of 1918. His two comrades were not as lucky and died at their machine gun from the same shell that wounded him. By such a slender thread of fortune I exist today. He had no complaint of his time as a German captive. They wanted to take his leg off but as he famously said, “I kicked up about that”. His wound troubled him for the rest of his life.

After the War he was the first overlooker in a Lancashire Cotton Mill to be given a chair, a unique consideration. My other Grandfather was a Miner who laboured long hours in dangerous conditions to dig the coal that powered Britain’s war industries. By 1916 there was such a shortage that coal was rationed, the Government took over the privately owned mines and Miners were exempted from conscription.

Ian Wright - Author
Author: Ian Wright
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Microsoft Excel

Note: The Excel spreadsheet contains Macros that help you to move through your story. When loading you will receive a warning about enabling Macros. If you have downloaded the file directly from this site then we can guarantee that the file is safe. We also recommend you run it on a full version of Excel on a desktop or laptop computer due to restrictions on macros on mobile versions of Excel.

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