Consumer Law

Counterfeit Alloy Wheels Search and Seizure Order Granted

Search and seizure orders are not given lightly by the Courts, in the following case a big car manufacturer sought the order to protect its’ intellectual property rights which were being used by dishonest traders to make what could be seen as a quick and easy profit.

Car Repossessions And The Law

The current law on repossessions is particularly vague with individuals not being provided with an appropriate legal basis to adequately prepare their case, should the circumstance ever arise. Many do not have a basic understanding of their legal rights in this area and this can often lead to finance companies and other high street lenders repossessing vehicles without following the prescribed steps.

The Consumer Rights Bill 2015

An overhaul in consumer rights law is expected to take place later on this year with the introduction of a Consumer Rights Bill. The new laws, due to be implemented in October 2015, will govern all contracts entered into between traders and consumers and will replace the highly established provisions set out in the Sale of Goods Act 1979.

Luxury Goods vs Fakes

Everyone is aware that you can purchase goods that are replicas of well known brands and trademark owners can now force ISPs to block access to websites which advertise and sell fake goods.

Changes To Distance Selling Regulations

The rise of the internet in recent years has made distance selling more popular than ever. It is for this reason that the Government has introduced the new Consumer Contract Regulations as a means to ensure that the rights of the consumer are protected at all times.

Changes To Food Labelling

Food labelling is one of the latest areas of law to come under a wave of reform from the EU. As of 13 December 2014, foods across the EU must all meet the same labelling requirements as the EU’s objective of harmonising member states legislation takes another step forward.