Power Of Attorney Forms

Powers Of Attorney Forms

If you’re thinking of making a Lasting Power of Attorney then we at Seatons are specialists and can provide you with friendly and helpful information and advice and offer a fast and cost effective legal service and aim to sort everything all out for you quickly and easily.

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Making A Lasting Power Of Attorney

In order to make a Lasting Power of Attorney it is necessary to do the following:

1. Complete and sign the Power of Attorney form

2. Have the Power of Attorney form certified

3. Identify and notify two persons to be informed

4. Register the forms with the Office of the Public Guardian.

We can complete the forms for you and save you any stress. We offer a competitive fixed fee for this service so please contact us today for more information.

The Lasting Power Of Attorney Forms That You Will Need

There are four different types of forms that are needed. These are:

1. Lasting Power of Attorney Form

2. Application to Register Form

3. Notifications Forms

4. Guidance Notes.

They can be quite complicated to complete and legal advice should be sought. Making a Lasting Power of Attorney is a serious decision and if it not done correctly, it could have adverse effect when the time comes to use the Lasting Power of Attorney.

Completing The Lasting Power Of Attorney Forms

The main Lasting Power of Attorney template form is particularly long due to the important concept of allowing a person to deal with your property. It sounds obvious, but it is crucial that the forms are completed fully and correctly.

If the forms are incomplete, they are likely to be rejected by the Court and it will be necessary to start from the beginning again.

Four Main Parts

There are four main parts to the forms required for a Lasting Power of Attorney:

  • 1. The Information Sheet – This section needs to be read very carefully.
  • 2. Part A – Donors Statement – The Donor completes this section.
  • 3. Part B – Certificate Provider – The certificate provider completes this section.
  • 4. Part C – Attorneys Statement – The Attorney completes this section.

If you have any further queries, or would like to discuss making a Power of Attorney, please contact us today.

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