Criminal Law

Extended Rights To Information In The Police Station

In order to comply with the provisions of the EU Directive 2012/13/EU, significant changes were last year made to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 requiring additional information to be given to detainees in criminal proceedings before interview.

Mother Jailed For Abusing Son’s Trust Fund

Adam Gray was 11 when his father tragically died in the 7/7 bombings of 2005. Adam was awarded £50,000 compensation for the loss of his father, to be held on trust until he reached his 18th birthday.

Tougher Sentences For Banned Drivers

The current law on repossessions is particularly vague with individuals not being provided with an appropriate legal basis to adequately prepare their case, should the circumstance ever arise. Many do not have a basic understanding of their legal rights in this area and this can often lead to finance companies and other high street lenders repossessing vehicles without following the prescribed steps.

FGM – First Suspects To Be Charged Appear At Court

Carrying out female genital mutilation has been a criminal offence in the UK since 1985, but until now there has been no prosecution. FGM has recently been put under the spotlight as activists stepped up their campaign against it, while education secretary Michael Gove wrote to all head teachers including guidance on FGM after a petition called for education to be put at the forefront of tackling the practice.

Jury Service – What To Expect

It all begins with a jury summons popping through your letterbox. It is most certainly interesting and exciting to be a part of and isn’t something everybody get’s the chance to do! Don’t think of jury service as a chore, think of the whole process as a vitally important life experience!

Is Drinking Whilst Pregnant A Crime?

There has been a recent Court case between a local authority and a woman who had a baby with foetal alcohol syndrome. The local authority which cares for the child, who is now six years old, is claiming against the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (claims for blameless victims of violence crimes).

Lee Rigby Trial – Sentence Delivered

In May 2013, Lee Rigby was violently attacked and killed in the street by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale. In December, the jury found the pair guilty but sentencing was delayed. Today the sentence was delivered.

Think You Have Found Treasure?

The public at large know little of the law relating to treasure trove and especially the law relating to items washed up on shore, most commonly due to the fact they have washed overboard from a ship during a storm.