Case Studies

Reclaiming Residential Care Fees

Reclaiming Residential Care Fees

Many of our loved ones have been unlawfully required to pay for their residential care, usually out of hard earned savings or from their last remaining asset (their home) which they wanted to leave to others in their will.

Second Marriage Life Interest Wills – Case Study

This case study relates to David and Shelia who had been married 10 years. Both David and Shelia had been married before. David was divorced and Shelia was a widow. They both had adult children from their first marriages. David had a son and Shelia had two daughters.

Lasting Power Of Attorney – Case Study 1

This case study relates to a lady called Mary who had been married to her husband, Michael for over 50 years. They were both retired and in their mid-70’s. They had two adult children and five grandchildren.

Biting The Hand That Feeds? Claiming Against An Employer.

Poor treatment in the workplace of Claimants by the employer is false economy and bad practice and if the employer/employee relationship breaks down during the claim then so be it – at Seatons we will fight every step of the way to ensure your employer does not take more than they may already have taken by reason of the accident.