8 Things To Help Keep A Divorce Simple

  1. Take Things Slow – Sit down, take a deep breath, there is no need to rush straight into your divorce, give yourself time to let your emotions calm down so you can think clearly and sort out the divorce in a reasonable manner when the time is right. Taking time before initiating the divorce will ensure that any stress or strong emotions don’t delay the proceedings.
  2. Don’t Try to Hide Anything – Honesty is the best policy! It may be upsetting to reveal elements of your marriage and there might be certain things you simply don’t want to talk about. However it is essential that you are truthful or this may cost you, in high fees and the likelihood of settling the divorce quickly. You don’t want your spouse to look like the compliant one, revealing matters that you are trying to hide.
  3. Try Not to Argue – Fighting will get you nowhere as you don’t want to end up in court where the divorce can get very messy! Be sensible and be sure to keep a level head, especially if any difficult issues arise. Try to think ahead and think past the divorce, you want a successful outcome and arguing with your soon to be ex partner can ruin this.
  4. Don’t Involve Your Children – This is where arguments often occur within divorces and it is important that children are not involved. This ensures they are protected and don’t have to witness their parents arguing so they are not affected by the divorce, but also so it is not seen as an attempt to use them to get a better deal out of the divorce.
  5. If your Happy Following Separation, Don’t Boast About It – You might be okay following the end of your marriage but your partner might be struggling to adjust so easily. You don’t want to make things worse by showing off how great your life is now and the divorce won’t go so smoothly if your partner is angry about it, especially if a new love interest is involved!
  6. Consider Your Partner’s Feelings – It is important to consider how well your partner is coping. You might have worked through the harder stages of divorce quite quickly but your partner might not be at this stage yet and won’t be ready to undertake divorce proceedings. Let them catch up so they are in the same place as you throughout the divorce.
  7. Be Appropriate and Listen to Sensible Advice – Don’t start criticizing your partner, allow yourself to take the high road and always communicate calmly. Your friends and family might be agreeing with you to help you get through the divorce but you really need advice from professionals who can get you in the right mind set and ensure you act appropriately.
  8. Employ an Appropriate Lawyer – Carrying out a divorce yourself can be confusing and difficult if things start to get messy. You need a lawyer who will try to keep the divorce simple and cares for you and your case so you know you will get the best result.

Seatons can help with your divorce. With our fantastic experience in dealing with family law, we can make your divorce a much easier and less stressful time for you.