Ready For The Winter Weather?

Are you ready for the winter weather?  January is traditionally a time when the weather starts to get really told and roads become more treacherous to use.  It is often this time of year that both pedestrians and drivers sometimes fail to take sufficient precautions to prevent them from running into difficulties.

Obviously at this time of year with the potentially cold and wintery conditions, it is very important to be careful and take it easy – whether you are walking on footpath or driving on a road.

Pedestrians can slip and fall over and drivers can lose control of their car, resulting in accidents occurring.

If you are a pedestrian then be careful on slippery paths.  Investing in a pair of grips to be put over the soles of your shoes (such as Snow-Trax) can make a substantial difference.

If you are driving, then it may also be useful to keep some emergency kit in your car during the winter months.  This kit might include the following:-

  • de-icer;
  • ice scraper;
  • first aid kit;
  • blanket;
  • torch;
  • boots;
  • spade.

It is important to keep your car fully serviced and to check and top up any water and anti-freeze levels and tyre pressures.

We at Seatons have a number of car ice scrapers that we can give away, so if you would like one, then please telephone or email and we will happily send one through to you.

If you do have an accident, whether slipping, tripping, in the car driving and need legal help, then please call us at Seatons Solicitors on 01536 276322 and we would be delighted to help.