Mud Slinging Divorcee Pays Dearly For Not Seeking Legal Advice

Family lawyers are used to dealing with the stresses of divorce.  They are in a position to see the issues clearly without the need to resort to a “he said, she said” routine. A man who decided he could do his own divorce found that the costs were more than he bargained for.

The couple had been married for 9 years and were in their 60s. The divorce was acrimonious and the husband had refused to obey court orders to supply financial information, instead responding with accusations of various misdemeanours including theft, fraud and money laundering against his ex-wife. The judge rejected those allegations.

The husband wanted 70% of the £380,000 marital assets, and whilst the judge agreed it should not be a 50/50 split, he awarded the wife 55% to enable her to satisfy her reasonable needs.

The husband’s small business was not taken into account so that his share did not fall too short, but the way he had conducted the case and behaved with spurious accusations meant that he was ordered to pay the costs incurred by his wife of £21,285.

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