How To Find Out If Probate Is Already Granted?

How To Find Out If Probate Is Already Granted?

How can I find out if Probate has been Granted?

The Government provide a Probate records search service on their website. By clicking here and completing a Probate search, entering the deceased’s name and the date of their death, you will be provided information about if a Grant of Probate has been issued and also the ability to purchase a copy of the Grant and Will for an administrative fee.

A “Standing search” can be obtained via the Probate Registy if Probate has not been granted yet. This enables the Probate Registry to forward you a copy of the Grant of Probate whenever it is issued. This is only available if it has been issued for 6 months after you send in a request for a standing search and means the search may need to be renewed when it expires.

If you need to find if a Will has been written and registered then we can assist you through a Certainty Will Search. As part of our Probate process, we sometimes conduct a Will Search with Certainty, the National Will Register. Certainty is a national Will Register endorsed by the Law Society and is used by solicitors across the country on a daily basis to search for Wills.

This is a quick process that accesses millions of Will records. Not only does it search for Wills that are registered but it also searches nationally for Wills that have not yet been registered.

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