Civil Litigation

Serving Legal Documents Correctly Is Critical

Recently, a petition for bankruptcy was dismissed in court because a statutory demand ended up being delivered to a property at which the debtor named in the judgment had never resided.

Considering Building Work? Get It In Writing!

When it comes to having building work done on your home there are still many people neglecting to ensure a contract is completed between the builder and themselves despite there being huge risks and potential issues that can arise and the likes of tv shows such as ‘Cowboy Builders’ that highlight certain cases.

Compulsory Mediation For Civil Cases

As the law currently stands, separating couples seeking a divorce are firstly required to attempt mediation as a means of reaching a settlement.

The Legal Issues Behind The ‘Monkey Selfie’

A legal dispute involving the famous ‘monkey selfie’ sparked a significant amount of media coverage last year. The ‘selfie row’ started off as a generic dispute regarding the ownership of a photograph and has since snowballed into a giant legal debate encompassing the murky and obscure areas of copyright law.

Witness Statements – What You Need To Know

A civil litigation case can be won or lost depending on the strength of witness evidence at trial. Likewise, applications to the Court may collapse if the witness statement does not readily deal with all of the issues.

Someone Owes Me Money – Debt Recovery

If a person or company owes you a sum of money and refuses to pay, there are a number of options available to you in law. It is important that these options are attempted before court action is taken, as the legal costs and court fees involved can be high.

Supplier Disputes – What You Need To Know

You should attempt to resolve a supplier dispute by firstly making a complaint in writing, explaining the issue in detail using any supporting evidence to try to come to an agreement.

The Friendly Professionals

Did you hear about the recent case bought against Red Bull as it failed to “Give You Wings”?. It centres on a claim – or ‘suit’ as our US attorney cousins would have it – bought by regular Red Bull drinker Benjamin Careathers.