The Risky Nature Of Homemade DIY Wills

One of the main problems facing the Probate Registry in recent times has been the steady rise of ‘Home-Made DIY Wills’. There are several ways to create a Will; the two most common are to instruct a solicitor on your behalf, or alternatively make a Home-Made version using a DIY Wills Kit.

The Importance Of Getting A Will

Individuals can be put off making a Will for all manner of reasons. Maybe the cost is too high or the process seems too complicated. Or perhaps many just delay in writing one, planning on sorting it out at a later date.

The Effects Of Marriage And Divorce On Wills

There are three primary ways in which a Will can be revoked. The first two methods are made with an express intention to do so; either by the creation of a new Will or the destruction of the current one.

Co-op Legal Services – A Review

Legal services are provided mainly by firms of solicitors. However now there are all sorts of organisations cropping up who are offering legal services. The Co-op are one such organisation. You have may have heard their adverts on the television, radio or seen them in the newspapers.

Contest A Will – Where To Start

Sometimes, it may be necessary to contest a will. If you think the will is invalid, or someone has not been provided for sufficiently in the will then you can contest the will. When a will is created, to ensure its validity, a number of requirements are made.