The Debate About The Right To Die

It is common knowledge that there are countries in the EU that allow a dying person to end their life in a dignified way. It has been stated recently that there will be a change in UK law that will allow terminally ill people to be helped to end their lives. It is anticipated that this law will come into force in the next few years.

The law would assist dying to terminally ill patients who are deemed to have mental capacity and likely to have less than six months to live. This is a major improvement to the law and was unanimously voted by the House of Lords.

Currently, Switzerland allows terminally ill people to end their life and the current law in the UK is criticized as only those with the resources can travel to Switzerland to carry out the procedure.

It has been voiced that disabled and vulnerable people could be potentially forced to end their life. The BMA, which represents Britain’s doctors, apparently reject this move towards legalising assisting dying. However, it was reported that between 65% of the public are in favour of changing the law. The majority of nurses also agree.

The process will be complicated. If a person applies, the case must be heard by a Judge to confirm that a terminally ill patient with less than six months to live has made a settled and informed decision to control the manner of their death. There will be safeguards in place to ensure that people are not taken advantage of.

It seems to have been decided that the law will change, the discussion point is how the law will change.