Make Sure Your Will Is Kept Up To Date

In a time when relationships are not necessarily forever, it is essential to check that your Will has kept up with changes in your life. The following case demonstrates the sad situation that could result where a woman ended up in prison for trying to stop a man’s estranged wife from inheriting the entirety of his estate by forging his Will.

The man was divorcing his wife and lived with his new partner, however, he committed suicide leaving an estate valued at £180,000. There was no Will so the partner decided to create one to make sure that the wife who was still his next of kin did not inherit anything. She had the agreement of two friends who would support her by saying they had witnessed the Will.

A police investigation five years later revealed the deception and she was charged and pleaded guilty to fraud, plotting to pervert the course of justice and conspiracy, she was jailed for 42 months, the evidence against her included the two ‘witnesses’ who owned up to the part they played.

The woman asked the Court of Appeal to look at her case as the trial judge could have compromised her case by some of his remarks, and while the Court acknowledged that the case could have been better dealt with, the results would have been the same and she would still have been convicted.

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