Lawyers Detective Work Results In £110,000 Payout For Family Of Asbestos Victim

To claim compensation for an asbestos related illness can be time-consuming and complex, which is why a solicitor can help and in the following case it was only due to the lawyer’s extensive work to discover the evidence that enabled a woman whose father had died to seek compensation and was awarded £110,000.

The man had been diagnosed with mesothelioma at 76 – this is an asbestos related disease which is a type of lung cancer. It can lie dormant for many years which is why it can be difficult to determine where the contact with asbestos occurred. In this case the solicitors and the daughter checked the deceased’s work records, helped by his tax records dating back to the 1960s.

As a result, they were able to corroborate his claims he made three months before he died that he had worked in boiler rooms of public buildings such as a school and a hotel as well as being a pipe lagger’s mate for a year in 1967/8. The work entailed filling a spraying machine with asbestos and cleaning the floor before he left for the day.

The claim had been made to the Financial Compensation Scheme because the company no longer existed, neither did their insurer who had become insolvent but because they had joined the scheme the compensation would be paid to his daughter.

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