Wills Don’t Have To Be Boring! 20 Bizarre & Funny Wills

Wills Don't Have To Be Boring - 20 Bizarre & Funny Wills

Wills are typically serious legal documents, and it’s important to approach them with the necessary gravity and respect. However, some individuals have inserted humourous or unusual provisions into their Wills as a way to inject a bit of their personality into the process.

Here are some examples of unconventional or funny Wills, but remember that these are exceptions and not recommended:

  1. The All-in-the-Family Will: A man left his entire estate to his wife on the condition that she remarry within six months. If she did not remarry, the estate would go to his brother. The man was clearly trying to ensure his wife’s happiness even after his death.
  2. The “Last Laugh” Will: A man left a provision in his Will that stated, “To my estranged son, I leave a dictionary. Hopefully, he can use it to find the words he needs to apologise.”
  3. The Musical Will: A musician left his beloved piano to his best friend with the stipulation that it should be played every day, and if it wasn’t, the piano would be donated to the local elementary school.
  4. The Competitive Will: Two brothers who were lifelong sports rivals left a clause in their Will that required the surviving brother to visit their favourite sports bar and buy a drink for all the regulars whenever their favourite team won a championship.
  5. The “Cold Feet” Will: A wealthy woman left her fortune to her cat, with the condition that her children could only inherit if they took good care of the feline and could prove their love for it.
  6. The “Just Checking” Will: A man left his fortune to a charity with the stipulation that they would receive periodic donations over the years. However, if they ever failed to send a thank-you note, the entire fortune would go to a different charity.
  7. The “Breaking Bad” Will: A chemistry teacher with a sense of humour left a Will instructing that his ashes be mixed with his favorite chemical elements and placed in a lab flask on the mantle, with a sign that read, “Now, I’m really a part of the periodic table.”
  8. The “Final Laugh” Will: A comedian left a provision in his Will that required his heirs to watch a recording of his stand-up routine at his funeral. If they didn’t laugh, they would receive a smaller inheritance.
  9. The “Fishy” Will: A fisherman left his fishing gear to his friends but stipulated that they had to go on a fishing trip together before they could inherit anything.
  10. The “Don’t Touch” Will: An eccentric inventor left his estate to his children but required them to build a museum to display all of his inventions. They could only inherit from it if they operated the museum for at least 10 years.
  11. The “In It for the Long Haul” Will: A marathon enthusiast left a portion of his estate to his running buddies with the stipulation that they could only inherit if they completed a full marathon in his memory.
  12. The “Movie Buff” Will: A film buff bequeathed his extensive movie collection to his best friend on the condition that he watch every movie at least once and write a review for each film.
  13. The “Sweet Tooth” Will: A sweet lover left his collection of rare sweets to a local sweet shop, with the requirement that they display his sweet collection for all to see, and anyone who visited could enjoy a piece for free.
  14. The “Treasure Hunt” Will: An adventurous soul left a series of clues and a map in his Will, leading his heirs on a treasure hunt. The treasure chest at the end contained his estate documents.
  15. The “Fashion-Forward” Will: A fashion designer left a provision that required his heirs to create an annual fashion show featuring his most outrageous designs. If they failed to do so, his fortune would go to a charity promoting avant-garde fashion.
  16. The “Environmental” Will: An environmentalist left his estate to a conservation organisation, with the condition that they plant a tree in his honour for every $1,000 they received.
  17. The “Bookworm” Will: A book lover left his extensive library to a local library with the condition that they build a special section dedicated to his collection and host an annual “Read-a-Thon” in his memory.
  18. The “Animal Lover” Will: An animal enthusiast left a portion of his estate to a local animal shelter, but only if they agreed to name a new wing of the shelter after his beloved pet parrot.
  19. The “Time Capsule” Will: A history buff left behind a time capsule to be opened 100 years after his death, containing personal mementos, a letter to his future descendants, and instructions on how to claim the inheritance.
  20. The “Artistic” Will: An artist left his estate to a group of art students with the condition that they create a mural on the exterior of his former studio building, capturing the essence of his life.

Please note that these examples are meant for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as legal advice or a template for creating a Will. Writing a Will should be a thoughtful and legally sound process, and it’s best to consult with a qualified solicitor to ensure that your wishes are carried out as intended. We can help. Call us today on 01536 276300 or 01536 311690 about making your own Will or get in touch online.