Lasting Power Of Attorney – Case Study 1

This case study relates to a lady called Mary who had been married to her husband, Michael for over 50 years. They were both retired and in their mid-70’s. They had two adult children and five grandchildren.

Sadly, Michael died recently and Mary, naturally was devastated. They had been very close couple and were very dependent on each other for not just for company but support. Mary, now on her own for the first time in over 50 years, was starting to struggle to look after herself and was becoming more reliant on her children to help her with various things such as her shopping and some household chores.

It was at this point that Marys two children contacted us expressing concerns about Marys situation and asking if we could help. We contacted Mary direct and with her consent, we arranged to meet up with Mary at her home for a free no obligation chat.

Mary explained to us that she was not as mobile as she once was and did not get out to the shops and the bank as often as she used to. She was also becoming forgetful and her eyesight was gradually deteriorating. She was becoming more and more reliant on help and support from her two children. However she knew that her children were finding it difficult to sort some things out for her. For example the bank and other organisations insisted on talking to Mary and would not deal direct with her children. Mary understood the difficulties her children were having and wanted to make it as easy and convenient as possible for her two children to help her.

After discussing matters with us fully, Mary decided it would be in her best interest to make Lasting Powers of Attorney appointing her two children to be her attorneys and that the Lasting Power of Attorney documents would enable her children to make any important decisions on her behalf. In particular, Mary wanted to make a Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Affairs to enable her children to deal with her finances and also a Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare to enable her children to make decisions about her health and welfare if she was ever unable to make those decisions herself.

We explained to Mary the total costs for us making both types of Lasting power of Attorney and sorting everything out were £750 + vat + court registration fees of £220 totalling £1,120.00

We then drafted all the necessary paperwork and called out to see Mary at her home again to go through it all and get it all signed off. We also agreed to be Marys “Certificate Provider” at no extra cost. After Marys children, had also signed the documentation we then arranged to register both the Lasting Powers of Attorney at the Office for the Public Guardian and then delivered the completed and sealed Lasting Powers of Attorney back to Mary and her children for them to use.

Overall it took about three months from beginning to end to sort out. Mary and her children now have fully legal Lasting powers of Attorney for Property and Affairs and Health and Welfare in place to enable her children to fully support and help look after Mary for the rest of her life.

If you or a loved one feel you might benefit from making a Lasting Power of Attorney then please call us for a free no obligation chat.