How Many People Actually Make Accident Claims?

Recent research has revealed that approximately 50% of people who suffered an accident do not actually go ahead and make a claim for compensation.

There is a wild spread belief in this country that we have a compensation culture and that anybody who has an accident automatically goes ahead and makes a claim.

However it is interesting to see that 50% of people who have had an accident don’t actually do anything about it.

We take the view that the reason 50% of people don’t make a claim is probably because some accidents might be the fault of the person who was injured or alternatively that they might only have suffered minor injuries. Finally there may be some people who just don’t want the bother of going ahead and making a claim.

If you have suffered an accident then in our view whether you actually make a claim really depends on two main things.

1. Was the accident somebody else’s fault and are they clearly to blame?
2. Have you suffered injuries that have caused you pain and discomfort for more than 4 weeks?

If the answer to both of the above questions is YES then we would recommend that you at least seek legal advice if you are not sure what to do.

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