Family Law

Parental Responsibility

The Children Act 1989 aimed to clarify the position relating to who could be responsible for looking after children. One of the main concepts that was introduced with the Act was parental responsibility.

The Process Of A Divorce

Although divorce is a commonplace occurrence these days, few people going into their first divorce have much idea about how the process operates. In this article, we detail with the procedure involved during the process of divorce.

Business Assets & Divorce

Divorce is never an easy transition, but there are additional factors to overcome when there is a family business involved. The division of the business has traditionally been the subject of a great deal of argument, but recent cases have at least clarified the thinking of the highest judges in the land

Significance Of Pensions In Divorce Settlements

Would it surprise you to learn that only a very small percentage of women receive a share of their ex husband’s Pension as part of their settlement on divorce?

A Pension Fund, particularly in the case of couples in their 50’s or 60’s, is likely to be one of the most valuable assets of the marriage. This being the case, a Pension Sharing Order should always be considered in any negotiations for financial settlement on divorce.

The Michael Jackson Custody Case

The guardianship Court case following Michael Jackson’s death has prompted many people to worry about their position if they died prematurely leaving dependent children.

How To Make Separation Easier For Children?

Divorce and separation are not uncommon these days so many children find themselves living with one parent and having contact with the other.

Issues often arise over the frequency of contact, whether overnight contact should take place, whether and how children should be introduced to a new partner and holiday contact.

Should I Get A Prenup?

‘Pre-nups’ are not, at the moment, binding in the UK although Judges can take them into account during divorce proceedings. However, the Law Commission is to consider plans to bring the legal system in England and Wales in line with other countries. It will look at whether pre-nups should be upheld by the Courts and under what circumstances.

Mediation In Cases Of Divorce

Trying to come to terms with the emotional turmoil can be bad enough, but if there are other matters to sort out and agree, such as who gets the children, what happens to the property, how the assets and liabilities are to be split, how much maintenance is paid then it can often be very difficult and painful to reach an agreement and sort things out.