Civil Litigation

Compensation Awarded For Flooded Business

If your neighbours actions cause your business to be disadvantaged as in the following case of a funeral directors whose business was flooded several times in the previous six years, due to water diversion on their neighbour’s land next door, you may be entitled to compensation.

Legal Time Limits – Keep Within Them Or Lose Your Claim

A homeowner thought he had a claim for £800,000 in damages from his neighbour, but lost his claim for falling foul of the strict time limits that litters the legal system, thereby highlighting the need for caution and good legal advice.

Judge Awards Compensation For Noisy Neighbours

Residents of flats can find themselves subject to anti-social behaviour in many aspects but the following case focuses on the nuisance of noise. The volume was so excessive a judge awarded significant monies in recompense to the sufferer.