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How To Make Separation Easier For Children?

Divorce and separation are not uncommon these days so many children find themselves living with one parent and having contact with the other.

Issues often arise over the frequency of contact, whether overnight contact should take place, whether and how children should be introduced to a new partner and holiday contact.

Should I Get A Prenup?

‘Pre-nups’ are not, at the moment, binding in the UK although Judges can take them into account during divorce proceedings. However, the Law Commission is to consider plans to bring the legal system in England and Wales in line with other countries. It will look at whether pre-nups should be upheld by the Courts and under what circumstances.

Contest A Will – Where To Start

Sometimes, it may be necessary to contest a will. If you think the will is invalid, or someone has not been provided for sufficiently in the will then you can contest the will. When a will is created, to ensure its validity, a number of requirements are made.

Had An Accident? Do You Need Rehabilitation?

If you have had an accident that is not your fault and suffered injuries then it is important that you receive medical treatment as soon as possible so that you can start to recover from your injuries.

Mediation In Cases Of Divorce

Trying to come to terms with the emotional turmoil can be bad enough, but if there are other matters to sort out and agree, such as who gets the children, what happens to the property, how the assets and liabilities are to be split, how much maintenance is paid then it can often be very difficult and painful to reach an agreement and sort things out.

Who Is Your Favourite TV Lawyer?

Lawyers on TV always seem to be so interesting and good looking – sadly unlike most of the UK legal profession. And they always seem to have such interesting and challenging cases.

So who’s your favourite?

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Have you read EL James Fifty Shades of Grey yet? We know most of the girls in our office have and the content of the books content continue to generate excitable and stimulating conversations going around the office.

Lasting Power Of Attorneys Explained

Lasting Power Of Attorneys Explained

No one wants to think of the possibility that one day we might be faced with a decision about putting a loved one into residential care because of illness or disability. But it is important to make sure that your family and other loved ones are provided for if anything happens to you.