Who Is Your Favourite TV Lawyer?

Lawyers on TV always seem to be so interesting and good-looking – sadly unlike most of the UK legal profession. And they always seem to have such interesting and challenging cases.

So who’s your favourite?

Do you prefer the English class act Barristers of Rumpole (Leon McKern) or Kavanagh QC (John Thaw)or maybe even the more modern and sexy Martha Costello (Maxine Peake) in Silk?

Or are you more into American lawyers such as the quirky Ally McBeal (Castilla Flockhart)or the self-proclaimed legend who never lost a case, Denny Crane (William Shatner) in Boston Legal, or in the same series the brilliant Alan Shore (James Spader) who strangely has a fear of clowns.

The Guardian have compiled a shortlist of lawyers on their website at https://www.guardian.co.uk/law/2012/aug/15/top-tv-lawyers

Their list includes:

– Ally McBeal
– Martha Costello – Silk
– Rumpole of the Bailey
– Perry Mason
– Oliver Babish in West Wing
– Maurice Levy in The Wire
– Josephine Karlsson in Engrenades

Our favourite? Well, it has to be Oliver Babish (Oliver Platt) as White House Counsel in West Wing. Oliver comes out with lines such as ” In my entire life, I have never found anything charming” or “Like a woman, nature seduces you with its sights and its scents and its touch… and then it breaks your ankle. Also like a woman..”

Oliver is a nicely bitter, twisted, cynical, workaholic,…. just like most decent English lawyers are….

We have a range of lawyers who can help you with your legal problem. If you even want one of our lawyers to behave like your favorite TV legal characters we’ll try our best to oblige. We might not as good-looking as TV lawyers and we certainly won’t get the accent right, but we’ll try and do our best.