The problem with DIY divorces

A divorce is one of the most difficult times in anyone’s life. However, with fewer families being able to gain the financial support through public funding, many people are opting to go through DIY divorces. There are many complications with these and as such a lot of them end up being long, drawn out and expensive.  Whereas with a solicitor’s guidance the divorce process can be simple and cost effective.

What are the main problems?

The data provided by the resolution and courts tribunal service shows that about 40 percent of all DIY divorce applications had to be sent back because of a mistake or an incomplete application. Here at Seatons we can double check all of the information you provide and ensure success with the process.

The following is a list of the issues commonly seen with DIY divorces

  • Details of the marriage incorrect

The details given about the marriage must exactly match those seen on the marriage certificate otherwise the forms will be sent back.

  • The divorce petition court fee missing

The fee for the divorce petition court is currently £550 and it must be included with the application.

  • The marriage certificate is not enclosed

The original marriage certificate must be enclosed with the application. It must be an original and not a copy otherwise the application will be sent back.

  • Grounds for divorce invalid

There are a number of valid reasons (5 to be precise) which are the basis for a divorce. In the divorce process you must select one of these and it must match the statement of case completed by you and your spouse.

  • The statement of Case is not finished or does not match the grounds for divorce.

The statement of case is a statement written which sets out the reasons for the couple wanting a divorce. Examples of this can include unreasonable and offensive behaviour or adultery. You would be surprised at how many people do not finish this statement or do not leave enough detail in the statements.

  • The Jurisdiction page is not finished

This is arguably one of the most important parts of the application. It ensures that the family court of England and Wales has jurisdiction to deal with the divorce. If this isn’t complete, then the application cannot be complete.

  • Section regarding ‘Other proceedings or arrangements’ is unfinished

This section is used to see if there are any other proceedings which are relating to the marriage.

The forgotten issues

With a DIY divorce there are many areas which may be overlooked. These include childcare and financial arrangements. These are crucial areas which when forgotten about will cause problems and nastiness down the line. Here are Seatons we pledge that no stone will be left unturned and once your divorce is final it really will be final and you can move on with your life.

What next?

Here at Seatons we know that it is personal to you. Our team of family lawyers have years of experience in dealing with divorces no matter how complex. We have plenty of options which will be tailored to suit you. So for guidance on what steps to take next, contact us online today.