Siobhan Kelly

About: Siobhan deals with the technical side of Seatons. She has an active input with the networked Case Management System.

Where were you educated? Queen Elizabeth School, Corby

First Job: Office Junior Lamb & Holmes, Corby

Hobbies: Reading and socialising.

If you could change a law, which one would it be? Smoking ban, especially in the winter!

Favourite Food: Indian

Favourite Film(s): Calamity Jane, Forest Gump & Officer & a Gentleman

Favourite group or band: Bon Jovi

Ultimate holiday destination: Dominion Republic

Favourite book: Any Martina Cole book

Likes: Most things

Dislikes: Ignorant people

Personal ambition(s): To make sure my kids grow up happy and healthy and have a good life.

What do you watch on TV? Corrie Orrie

If you won the Lottery, how would you spend it? Get out of England

Who is the most influential person in your life? My dad

Siobhan Kelly - Seatons Law