NHS Pays £870,000 Compensation after Mother’s Death in Childbirth

The NHS was deemed to have failed in its duty of care to a mother who died at an NHS hospital during childbirth. Her widower and her son (now aged five) were awarded £870,000 in the following case.

The 33-year-old woman was a Jehovah’s Witness and refused a blood transfusion because of her religious beliefs. She had undergone an emergency caesarean section to deliver her baby. There was catastrophic blood loss and the alternative treatment to blood transfusion was not given quickly enough to prevent the woman’s body going into shock and shutting down her vital organs.

The widower was left to look after the child and the court noted that to his credit he had done so very well.  The Trust that managed the hospital negotiated through their lawyers a settlement of £650,000 for the widower and £220,000 for the son. The Trust also admitted that there were mistakes that had been made and they would ensure they were never repeated.

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