Man Taken To Court For Online Harassment

At last, it would seem that the law has caught up with technology and harassment on the internet is punished and victims supported. The woman in the following case had been victim to internet harassment after meeting a man through an internet dating site. She obtained an apology and compensation along with an undertaking to stop.

The man and woman had a few dates following their introduction on a dating website, she then decided to stop dating the man and told him of her decision. As a result, he went on to harass her online by publishing personal and private information on the 10 websites he made for the purpose, he ensured her name was included and that people she knew including family and friends had access to the sometimes offensive materials. This went on for 12 years.

Although the woman made a complaint to the police they took no meaningful action, he went to great lengths in his campaign by paying for an advertising banner from Google and posted it complete with her photograph, he also opened Twitter accounts using her name and put in links to undesirable websites.

The woman’s lawyers sought redress through the court and claimed that the man had harassed her and misused private information about her. It was then that the man admitted what he had done and was remorseful for how much anxiety, emotional and psychological distress he had caused.

The High Court calculated a final settlement,  which included the woman’s legal costs. Damages levied against both the man and his technology company which had enabled him to channel his harassment. There were also promises that the campaign would stop.