How Can I Access A Will?

How To Access a Will-Seatons Solicitors

If you need to know how to access a Will of someone who has passed away then the information below will help.

Wills are typically stored with a solicitor or sometimes a bank, or they may even be held by the Executor of the Will.

Here are some steps you can take to access a Will if you are struggling to find out where it is kept:

  1. Visit The National Will Register website and search it’s records – currently there are over 10 million Wills registered with them.
  2. Contact the solicitor who wrote the Will: If you know the name of the solicitor who wrote the Will, you can contact them and ask them for a copy.
  3. Contact the bank: If the deceased held an account with a bank, they may have kept the Will in a safe deposit box. You can contact the bank if you know which one it is and ask them if they hold the Will.
  4. Contact the Probate Registry: If the Will has been through Probate, it will be held by the Probate Registry. You are able to contact them and ask for a copy. The Principal Probate Registry is located in Central London and there are 11 District Probate Registries and 18 Probate Sub-Registries. These registries are where all Probate records are stored in the UK.
  5. Contact the Executor: If you know who the Executor of the Will is, you can contact them and ask for a copy.

It’s worth remembering that some Wills may be held by the deceased person’s family or friends.

It’s also important to ensure that the Will is a valid and uptodate version before taking any action based on its contents.

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