What Articles Would Be Helpful?


If you are reading this article chances are you’ve followed some link thrown up by a ‘Google’ search (other search engines are available) – the marketing bods have issued a decree that ‘articles’ are good for keeping the firm’s site up in the interweb rankings and I don’t doubt that they are right. Apparently we live in an age where we don’t have the patience to scroll to page two on search results – but there’s little point in raging against the machine.

I thought of all the valuable information I could give out about various legal issues that would be of genuine help (some of us still remember why we went into the law in the first place) – I figured an article would take maybe an hour to rattle off – But if I am going to spend an hour writing something I would rather do it and know it will be of use to at least one person.

I asked a few mates about article titles that would be (a) useful (b) interesting enough to actually read, and (c) something that I know a fair bit about – and this is where the bad taste comes in so please skip the rest of the paragraph if easily offended – A good friend of many years suggested “No Win, No Fee, No Legs” (there is no excuse for this!) and “15 Hilarious Personal Injuries – You Won’t Believe No. 12!” (he said that this would appeal to the Jeremy Kyle crowd) and “Soft Tissue Injuries In Unmarried Women Sustained in Car Accidents” which he suggested could be subtitled “Miss Whiplash!” (appealing to a quite different crowd I suspect).

So being no better off apart from having to accept that I maybe need some more intelligent friends or at least ones without such bad taste in humour, I decided to canvass anyone and everyone who finds their way down the World’s High Street that is Google to this friendly legal corner of the interweb as to what they need help with.

Depending on the response I may not be able to write every article that is requested and obviously I can’t give any specific legal advice in an article – but if you’d find it helpful to know how to deal with someone that owes you money, how to deal with creditors, how to write a witness statement or how to go about issuing or defending a claim – let me know and I will see what I can do.

Send me an email – adam@seatons.co.uk and I will try and come up with something useful. If it’s not an area of law that I deal with I will see if any of my colleagues can write something helpful.

Of course if you want any specific legal advice tailored to specific circumstances I can help with that too – but we do have to charge for that (we’ll keep the costs down to a minimum).

So whatever you’re struggling with – ping me an email and I will do my best.

Thanks for reading and apologies on behalf of my mate who will remain nameless (Paul)– and I happen to know that the only reason he works from home is so that he can get his daily fix of Jezza Kyle.