Life’s not always a fairytale…

Seatons Solicitors based in Corby and Kettering, Northamptonshire have been instructed by a variety of fairytale characters (including Goldilocks, Fairy Princess etc) to act on their behalf on various legal matters.

A series of videos are being released, the first of which shows Cinderella making a compensation claim as a result of a failed plastic surgery procedure – click here to view video.

Seatons will be initially releasing 6 videos as follows:-

  • Goldilocks having been arrested for breaking into the three bears’ house – click here to watch.
  • Cinderella for seeking compensation for failed plastic surgery – click here to watch.
  • A fairytale princess wanting to make a Will – click here to watch.
  • Jack and Jill making a compensation claim – click here to watch.
  • Thor – following his arrest – click here to watch.
  • A fairytale princess wanting to make a claim against her fairy godmother – click here to watch.


Seatons Solicitors decided to release the videos to make the point that life is not a fairytale and that however perfect or trouble free anybody’s life is, that there are sometimes occasions where it is necessary to instruct a Solicitor.

Seatons have entered into a contract with Savoy, the new local Corby cinema where the adverts will be shown.

About Seatons

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