Handyman Lover Fails To Claim A Share Of Ex Lovers Fortune

The handyman had been employed by the woman whose assets were valued at £10 million, to look after and maintain her country estate. The pair had a relationship and the handyman stated that they had co-habited and were as man and wife for a number of years. They subsequently went through an acrimonious breakup. He claimed he had been promised an interest in two of her properties and shares in a third property owned by her company. He also claimed compensation for maintenance he had undertaken in relation to the properties.

The woman acknowledged that she had had an affair with him, but while they may have been friends and enjoyed each other’s company and had a sexual relationship – she never saw it as more than a working relationship. She claimed that at no time did she offer him any financial incentive, her money had been acquired from a previous divorce settlement and her property development business.

The judge dismissed the claim by the handyman, and described him as unreliable as a witness. He was employed as a handyman and jobbing builder, and the relationship between him and the woman was on a casual basis from which both benefited.

The Court of Appeal agreed with the judge’s findings when the handyman appealed and reiterated that there was nothing to prove what he was claiming and that the man had been paid for work he had done. They confirmed that no promises of any element of the woman’s business was offered and therefore his appeal was dismissed.

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