Chris Veasey

Job Title: Receptionist

About: Chris runs the place in reception dealing with clients on the telephone and in person.

Where were you educated? Bishop Greer High School, Manchester

First Job: Midland Bank/Shorthand Typist

Hobbies: Reading/Holidays/Gardening

If you could change a law, which one would it be? Bring back the death penalty

Favourite Food: Sunday lunch

Favourite Film(s): Harry Potter, Bridget Jones

Favourite group or band: JLS, ABBA

Ultimate holiday destination: Naples Beach America

Favourite book: James Patterson/Harry Potter/John Grisham

Favourite sport: Petanque

Most admired figure(s): Mum

Most admired historical figure(s): Winston Churchill

Likes: Socialising/Eating Out/Musicals

Dislikes: Rudeness/ Litter dropping/ Fly tipping/ Bad Language

Personal ambition(s): Stay healthy, Live Life fully, Retire on a good pension (I wish)

What do you watch on TV? Dramas/Mysteries/Soaps

If you won the Lottery, how would you spend it? Build our own house, buy property abroad, spend it on family

Who is the most influential person in your life? My Husband

Chris Veasey - Seatons Solicitors